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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Weekly Roundup: Best Cookies In NYC, 2017 James Beard Finalists and How Much Monica's 'Friends' Apartment Would Cost Today

  • NYC Eats – Foods of New York Tours: On this trip we did a food tour through Food of New York Tours. Doug and I have done one before through a different company but this one was hands down the best company. We had Ted as our Tour Guide. We chose to do the Heart of the Village Tour.

  • Big Gay Ice Cream Is Coming To Your Bodega's Freezer: The food truck-born soft serve company packaged up their favorite flavors including the Salty Pimp and Dorothy, reimagining them as hard-pack pints a la other grocery store brands. 
  • Golden Slice Awards Hail NYC Neighborhood Pizzerias: The Golden Slice Awards were founded last year to commemorate those hard-working pizzerias in every city neighborhood. 
  • Shake Shack Is Testing Caviar Delivery: The lines at New York City burger king Shake Shack have certainly lessened since its origins in Madison Square Park, but with delivery options few, you usually need to get off your couch to get it, with the exception of this weekend: Caviar has teamed up with the Shack to offer delivery.
  • Testing the Limits of Trust, and Sushi, at Sugarfish: Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa would like to be the answer. It’s not, but enough people believe it is, or want to believe, that getting inside this four-month-old restaurant on East 20th Street can be a test of patience.



  • This Is How Much Monica's Apartment In 'Friends' Would Really Cost: After years of watching shows like Friends one thing always left us feeling perplexed; just how could Monica and Rachel afford to live in such a huge New York apartment? Well, huge by city standards, at least.  Finally, we have the answer…
  • The 14 Best Cookies In NYC: Milk and Cookies, a cute cafe on one the West Village's prettiest streets, got its start before social media spawned its armies of food-shooting influencers. Which is maybe why the place always feels a bit under-the-radar? Either way, baker Tina Casaceli puts out a huge array of appealing cookies every day, in flavors both classic and complicated, but when I'm only getting one, I get the S'Mores. 

  • The Absolute Best Negroni in New York: Dante gets everything right. It ought to. The bar — formerly Caffe Dante, a storied Village coffee house — has fashioned itself an Italianate aperitivo-style bar. There’s a whole page of Negroni variations. The standard, served on tap, is spot on. 

  • Meatpacking District projects advance amid Landmarks approvals: Despite forceful opposition from preservationists, two major developments in the Gansevoort Market Historic District are moving forward.
  • Gansevoort Market to Open Craft Beer and Cocktail Bar, Owner Says: The owner of the Gansevoort Market plans to open a craft beer and cocktail bar inside the West 14th Street food hall.  The new Gansevoort Hall will serve tasty beverages from an approximately 12- to 14-seat bar at the back of the foodie haven, pending liquor license approval, market founder Chris Reda said.
  • The Absolute Best Pastrami in New York: Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, Like at Katz’s, the master butchers at this Chelsea Market nose-to-tail purveyor use the belly cut; and like Katz’s, the pastrami is good enough to stand by itself without the usual fixings. The beef is brined, smoked, and steamed to a gentle softness, and served in refreshingly modest quarter-pound portions. 

  • The Faces and Streets of New York’s Chinatown in the 1980s:In the early 1980s, the photographer Bud Glick worked for the New York Chinatown History Project (NYCHP) — today the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) — capturing the lives of the neighborhood’s denizens. From intimate portraits of people in their apartments to documentary-style pictures of the activities that filled the streets, his photographs record an older generation’s experiences of Chinatown, just as it was undergoing a transformation from an influx of immigrants and young families seeking fresh futures.

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