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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Weekly Roundup: Spaghetti Doughnuts Lead This Smorgasburg Season, LA's Eggslut Comes To NYC and Chloe Leaves By Chloe

  • A Foodie's Guide to Chelsea Market, NYC: If you want to make your experience at Chelsea Market even better and gain some history while you indulge in the delicious food, sign up for a food tour of the market through the company Foods of New York Tours. 

  • Le Cirque Files for Bankruptcy, But Plans to Stay Open: Ritzy French restaurant Le Cirque has filed for bankruptcy — but the Maccioni family that opened it in the 1974 plans to keep the NYC institution open. Page Six reports that Mauro Maccioni and his father Sirio filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to protect the leases for both Le Cirque and Circo. According to the filing, the family owes between $500,000 and $1 million to more than 100 creditors.
  • Bourdain Market CEO Steps Down From Highly Anticipated Project: Anthony Bourdain’s primary partner in the highly anticipated Bourdain Market has formally left management of the project. Stephen Werther, a retail entrepreneur who also owns West Village restaurant Suprema Provisions, stepped down recently as CEO to pursue a new business, Werther confirms to Eater.
  • Feds Go After 31 Undocumented Workers at One of NYC’s Largest Bakeries: With ICE raids on the rise, most undocumented workers understandably now follow a strict policy of leaving at even the whiff of trouble. But employees at New York City’s oldest artisanal bakery, Tom Cat, have decided to fight the Feds’ threats instead. 
  • Where to Celebrate Passover 2017: Passover may just be the Jewish people’s most alluring food holiday — despite the fact that it requires a strict abstinence from leavened bread.  Running from April 10th-18th this year, the festival celebrates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery, via roasted meats, sweet, flour-free desserts, and lots (and lots, and lots) of red wine.  So here’s where to get your matzoh on, at spots like Mile End, Fung Tu, Balaboosta, and more.
  • THE SECRET BEHIND NYC'S CHEAPEST TASTING MENU: The price of a to-be-trash meal often doesn't come cheap, though, with small plates at WastED going for $15 a pop in 2015. But a new food scrap tasting menu is trying to change that -- charging just $21 for a five- to seven-course menu of otherwise-trash food.
  • Spaghetti Donuts & Ube Dragon Fruit Bowls Among The Amazing New Dishes Coming To Smorgasburg This Weekend: Every day since Christmas, Team Smorgasburg has held tastings in their Crown Heights office—about 75 in all, culled from some 300 initial applicants—to determine who would be joining the still-insanely-popular weekend food market, opening this Saturday in Williamsburg and on Sunday in Prospect Park. In the end, 26 new vendors made the cut, most of whom were on hand at Berg'n last night for a sneak preview.
  • 20 Must-Try Dishes to Call Yourself a New Yorker: Given New York's extensive culinary history (a hub for Eastern European, Italian, Chinese and German cuisines) and thousands of restaurants, this list could be 100 items long; but we've managed to narrow it down to just 20 quintessential dishes. Think you know how to eat like a true New Yorker? Check out the list below to see how you measure up.

  • Dominique Crenn Finally Makes It Onto World’s 50 Best List; Just Not the Top 50: This year’s big news is the appearance of Dominique Crenn. Long heralded as one of America’s great chefs, Crenn has been notably absent from a list whose judges have historically shortchanged female culinarians; there were just two woman chefs on last year’s list.
  • Tom Valenti Has Resigned From Le Cirque: Tom Valenti has resigned from the head chef position at Le Cirque, which comes on the heels of the iconic restaurant having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to protect the leases of the Le Cirque and Circo. According to the filing, the family owes between $500,000 and $1 million to more than 100 creditors.
  • HOW NYC'S TOP CHEFS STAY FIT DESPITE BEING SURROUNDED BY FOOD: We went to NYC’s top chefs -- who also happen to be in crazy-good shape -- to help you get back on track. After all, anyone who can be surrounded by Cronuts® for a living and not put on the pounds (looking at you, Dominique Ansel) is worth hearing out.
  • Meet the Company Taking the Halal Guys Global: On any given day in Manhattan, be it a balmy 80-degree afternoon or after midnight in the dead of winter, a long line of people can be seen snaking up the sidewalk at West 53rd Street and 6th Avenue in Midtown. They’re not waiting to get their hands on the latest Cronut flavor or the new iPhone, but rather foil platters heaped to the brim with fragrant chicken and rice at the Halal Guys.
  • The Best Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Every State: We consulted with the country’s top food bloggers and experts (and did plenty of foraging ourselves) to uncover the best eco-friendly restaurant in every state, from the Sun Belt to the Gulf of Alaska to the shores of Hawaii's Big Island.



  • There's No More Chloe In Vegan Mega-Hit By Chloe: Weeks after local vegan chain by Chloe opened its fourth NYC location comes word there's no more Chloe involved in the operation. ESquared Hospitality, which made a significant investment in the brand, has "terminated" its relationship with founder Chloe Coscarelli, the vegan chef and cookbook author
    • By Chloe Chef Ousted For ‘Gross Negligence’ of Vegan Fast-Casual Company: Celebrity chef Chloe Coscarelli was pushed out of By Chloe after an arbitrator determined that she was being “grossly negligent” of the vegan fast-casual chain she co-founded, according to documents from the legally binding process — including losing leases on new spaces and sabotaging deals with business partners.

  • The 20 Perfect Desserts in New York City: Milk + Cookies at Untitled, Miro Uskokovic’s chocolate chip cookie is crispy on the outside, with a soft, gooey interior. The Gramercy Tavern and Untitled pastry chef serves the cookie warm out of the oven with a small glass of Madagascan bourbon vanilla-infused milk.

  • The Absolute Best French Macarons in New York: Lafayette, The Noho brasserie and bakery’s pastry department is now in the hands of Tyler Atwell, who previously worked couverture for Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud. The macarons are uniformly sized and textbook perfect, with sturdy-yet-yielding meringue and satisfyingly delicate fillings.
  • LA Super Hit Eggslut Comes To NYC Via Chefs Club Counter: Chef's Club, the restaurant that welcomes chefs from around the globe to contribute signature dishes, expands this Friday with the opening of Chefs Club Counter, a "fine-fast," counter service restaurant with a similar conceit. The 56-seat cafe will open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering meals from locally and nationally renowned chefs—but Shake Shack-style.
    • Here’s the Menu from Eggslut, Jean-Georges, and More at Chefs Club Counter: Alvin Cailan will start serving his LA-famous Eggslut sandwiches at the new Chefs Club Counter at 62 Spring St., starting at 7 a.m. Find out why it took 16 takes to create the perfect bun. For the afternoon and evening menu, there’s Georges Mendes’ duck rice, the Mercer Kitchen Jean-Georges burger, and more. Here is the menu.

  • New York City’s Famed Apotheke Cocktail Bar Opening in Northern DTLA: Watch out Downtown Los Angeles, because the next semi-industrial section to get developed is the stretch just above Chinatown. New York City’s well known and beloved cocktail bar Apotheke, with an old time, almost medicinal approach to drink craft, is opening along North Spring Street according to a recent ABC notice.

  • The Absolute Best Egg Cream in New York: Juliana’s chocolate egg cream — which is served in a pint glass with a long milkshake spoon — is different than nearly every other offering in the city. 

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